Now available — all the speakers from the One More Thing 2013 Conference. DRM-free download or streaming online. Only $39.

For everyone who told us they wished they could come to the conference but couldn’t make it – this is for you. The full videos from the One More Thing 2013 Conference are now available for download! It’s only $39, and you can come back to watch or download the videos again at any time. They’re all 720p, H.264 and encoded for most iOS devices.

Here’s the Q&A session for you, available to watch right now:

This year’s presentations include:

Karl von RandowTime to be a Beginner Again

In an industry that moves too quickly we are in a repeating state of beginning again; learning new technologies and starting new projects. Karl talks about his experiences from the birth of the App Store to the present, and how successful the energy of beginning can be.

Dave WiskusBe Memorable

Maggie Steciuk Epiphanies Are Hard Work

Just like flossing, prototyping is good for us and produces better results, yet most of us don’t do it enough. Maggie talks about the value and importance of prototyping your apps, even before writing a line of code, and highlights some of the quickest and most effective tools she’s found for the job.

Li XiaI Believe

Great leaders found great companies. Li discusses what makes a great leader and why you need to become one.

Simeon SaënsTelling Stories

If you’re making an app, you can tell a story about it. A story about your app lets you resonate with people, stay in their heads, and be talked about. Simeon shares how he has learned to approach releasing apps — by treating each one as a story.

Emma StabeyDeveloping apps with suits masquerading in jeans

Corporates now come in many forms, but mostly they all still seek ROI, professionalism, and timeliness. Emma offers a peek inside how SEEK approaches contractor engagements and product development.

Louise DuncanApps for Education

Amanda RöslerHow We Make Digital Toys

Amanda shares what she has learned about creating digital toys/apps for kids while working at Toca Boca.

Jaimee NewberryCopy & Doughnuts

Copy is one of the fastest, easiest ways we can connect with our users and make their entire experience more meaningful. Jaimee talks about a few interesting ways to think about the personality and tone of all the words used in your apps.

Lex FriedmanPitch-Perfect Press Pitching

As a senior writer for Macworld, Lex Friedman receives literally hundreds of app-related press releases every week. In this talk, he explains how to stand out from the crowd with your press release, and how to build your app while thinking about how a reviewer will look at it.

Scott BrewerCreating Site Specific App Driven Experiences

In this talk Scott discusses some of the key concepts Art Processors use in creating applications that drive site specific experiences. Walk throughs of the creation and deployment of “The O” for Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and “I, Animal” at Melbourne Zoo will be given along with some of challenges overcome to make for seamless experiences that allow for the enhancing of onsite visits.

David McKinneyDesign Principles for Making Better Apps

It’s not about visual design, or aesthetics, or style, or taste. It’s not about flat design or skeuomorphism. Instead, Dave shares a series of simple, practical design principles to make your app more useable, more friendly, and more understandable. It’s about the things that will help your users get their tasks done and making it easy for people to fall in love with using your app.