One More Thing Podcast #5 – Loren Brichter

We’re really chuffed to have such an awesome lineup of speakers coming to Australia for One More Thing this year, but maybe not all of you know who they are, or even if you’ve seen their names around before, might not know them very well. These podcasts will give you a nice introduction to all our speakers and provide you with a sense of what you can expect from One More Thing in 2012.

Loren Brichter

Episode four has One More Thing MC and MacTalk podcast host, Peter Wells, with Iterate podcast host and Bjango designer, Marc Edwards, talking to Loren Brichter – aka Mr. Tweetie, who used to work for Apple and Twitter.

This chat with Loren was initially intended to go up in a few weeks, but I decided to post it now due to the news (Daring Fireball, The Loop) surrounding the patent application regarding pull to refresh, which Loren pioneered. It was recorded before this became news (about a week ago actually), so it’s kinda weird it came up in this chat! Loren talks about how he came up with it and about the patent itself, but also talks about much more interesting things regarding being an indie dev, supporting your apps, paid upgrades and dispenses some sage wisdom on those topics.

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